Are you in or around the Chesham area and needing to shape up, get fit or get back from injury?

Pro-Fit Personal Training Chesham is the one to choose! 

At Pro-Fit personal training my mission is:

 “to help people become healthier, fitter and stronger both physically and mentally”

by implementing 6 foundation principles;

Breathing, Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, Sleep & Thoughts.

By using the 6 principle I can not only work with my clients on functional movements of the body but also get an all-round picture of their health and well-being.


So if you're looking for personal training Chesham area,

call now at +447582672267!



I was 55 when I first started training with David. I had NEVER before been in a professional gym in my life. I know when I’m training with David, his attention will be 100%, he is always focused and with a clear sense of goal …and best of all …HE GETS RESULTS!! David is personable, upbeat, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable with a holistic approach – paying specific attention to diet, nutrition, general health and wellbeing on any given day and tailors the session, which are always varied, accordingly. This approach instils within me a great sense of confidence within David and I always feel re-energised with a sense of money and time well spent.

55 and Energised
I thoroughly enjoy  David‘s bodyweight’s class, it is both challenging and motivating. I easily become bored, so this class is great as it is varied each week, and David always offers help and advice on a particular move, and if you can improve the way it is done. I certainly have more stamina, and feel I’m now more flexible and have enhanced core strength. The class is always fun, and the time goes so quick as so much is fitted into that one hour slot. I never regret going and would personally recommend it to anybody looking to keep fit and achieve goals.
Lauren about Bodyweights